Long time no see

Poker has taken a back seat with some more important real life stuff to the fore. Preparing to settle back into the grind now – so I will be online a lot more . Volume remains the main problem poker-wise, I’m pretty happy with how I’m playing and the results, I’m enjoying my poker but I remain cautious about moving up. I’m 99% sure I can beat 400NL if I can find the grind (and not raid my roll so often) so the goal is for the end of September to top up my roll by 3k  and put myself in a position to steam ahead at midstakes for the rest of the year.

Also I’m trying my best to get something sorted so I can play on an iphone/blackberry while out and about. I spend way too much time waiting around for meetings and stuff that I could put to good use.

Recent Results: I have been probably over cautious by either not playing at all or not playing challanging stakes when I’m not feeling A+ (which was most of the past couple months) , nothing to shout about but something to build on.