Farewell Full Ring

95% of my play this year has been at Ongame 5-max, for some reason half-way through last month I decided to have another pop at the FR tables. I guess they looked juicy and I do need to keep myself in touch with that game for my FR  students.

It just doesn’t do it for me any more though, folding AK pre-flop, gritting my teeth with overpairs when raised on the flop just are not much fun. Ranges are just too damn tight that the game really only comes down to who can make the disciplined folds most often.

I suppose I’m being unfair on the game that has served me so well and yes, this is partially because I ran super bad for a while but there’s nothing to match the thrill of playing shorthanded on a euro site with stacks flying all over the place.

I’m still going to keep coaching the FR for  and will of course be playing if the game is super good, but from here on in it’s mixing it up Scandinavian style.