My worst beat ever

I hate bad beat and/or run bad whines  but this month is something special, you name it and it’s happened over and over every session. I won’t bore you with the details but it’s been physically painful in it’s regularity and I’m actually overjoyed to be break even for Oct thus far.

Normally I’d never lower myself to make the above whine but it sets the tone for my “ultimate beat” story.

On Monday I took a few too many “for the team” and caught myself steaming a little so I decided to quit for the day and hit the gym,  I even managed to close the tables before doing something silly for stacks.

Feeling quite proud of my self control I even shut down the PC, “can’t run bad with the plug out” I thought. It turns out I can run bad with the plug out, when I restarted my PC the next day I heard the sickening mechanical whirrrgrunchpeeew sound of a dead hard drive attempting to come to life.


New hard drive plus data recovery service = another couple of buyins down the drain.  Maybe I will get lucky and lose this months HH